Why Men Like Hoodies and leather boots

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What does it mean? Do you know that feeling, when the guy next to you is wearing a shirt and jeans and looks just like any other person on the street? Then there’s you: covered in tattoos, dressed all hipster-like and cool. And then there’s another dude: Chelsea boots maker got on leather boots, but somehow he ‘ s still more masculine than you. Or how about those guys walking around with their hoodies. Why Men Like Hoodies and leather boots? Of course, not all of them are jocks (or aspiring jocks), interest singly enough they may even be into some nerdy stuff as well, but chances are pretty big that they will never ever appear in an office setting. Hoodies are mostly worn by athletic guys with something to prove. They are strong, manly and tough, at least until they open their mouths…

What makes a hoodie so cool? Well

Probably the best answer is: nothing. Like a shirt or a pair of jeans it can be worn anytime and anywhere. Like a shirt, a hoodie is great for conversation starters and for expressing your individual style, especially if you know how to match different colors and patterns with one another. But there’s more… When it comes to casual gear, most people tend to get hoodies from their favorite sports brands. These may include Nike, Reebok or Adidas, just to mention a few.

What makes them so comfortable?

They look pretty much alike but they serve different purposes: while some are usually designed with performance in mind others have been made with fashion in mind – maybe even too much so. Why Men Like Hoodies and leather boots? What makes them so comfortable? The main thing is that they are made out of cotton, or a mix of cotton and polyester. They are also known as sweatshirts; some even contain spandex for extra comfort and flexibility.

Hoodies were designed with the intention:

Although most hoodies were designed with the intention to be worn during a workout, they make a pretty good casual outfit as well – considering that it is not too cold outside. As far as color goes, navy blue still seems to be the preferred choice among young men who want to look stylish without going all out… But there’s more. For many people, hoodies are the epitome of comfort clothing. Some may even prefer them over pajamas when it’s time for bed. Others complain about the suffocating feeling every time they have to wear one in public.

Hoodies are different:

And then there ‘ s style: some fashion experts claim that if you want to look good, you should choose your clothes carefully – colors, patterns and textures matching each other perfectly. If you go for a complete black outfit, chances are high that your style will be called boring, if not worse. Hoodies are different: they are just pieces of fabric, loosely hanging over your shoulders. Nobody can see what’s underneath it, so you can use that lack of detail to your advantage. You can wear them with pretty much anything else that’ s in your wardrobe, even heavy-duty boots and combat pants. That casual look is perfect for guys who don’t want to think too hard. a

About their outfit every morning while still looking cool.

Which ones should you get?

Still wearing the same old thing all the time? Are you bored with everything on sale at shopping malls? Do you love spending whole weekends at home watching TV and playing computer games? If you answer one of these questions with ‘yes ‘. Then having a collection of hoodies is what you need to spice things up. The only question left:


Here’s our top ten list for the best hoodies money can buy right now. 10 Green Lantern Hooded Jacket When people think about comic book heroes, Few imagine green lanterns. There’s Batman, Superman and Spiderman, but there are also countless others who never made it into the big leagues. John Stewart is just one example of that kind of hero. Green Lantern is not exactly a bad choice for a superhero’s outfit either. Especially if that person has skin that shade of emerald green. This hoodie is perfect for those fans of the Justice League and people who love to see justice done.

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