What is CTR? Create High CTR Thumbnails 5 Pro Tips

What is CTR?

It is the percentage of clicks someone gets when they click on a specific link on your video.

Concept of CTR

With so many new videos being created on Youtube, it’s hard to figure out what your audience will like. The problem with Youtube is that it’s impossible to know who your audience is without seeing a video.

So, what is the best way to figure out which of your videos will be liked and will gain traction? The answer is, you need a high click-through rate or CTR.

How to Check CTR

You can check out your video’s ctr by viewing your YouTube account. To view your ctr, go to https://account.google.com/youtube/dashboard and select “View YouTube Channel Statistics”.

When you create a high CTR thumbnail for your video, it will make your video’s reach higher to your audience. The higher the CTR thumbnail is, the more views your video will get.

Some of you may be wondering how do I create a high CTR thumbnail. Well, here’s the answer. Create a high CTR thumbnail using the “Custom Video Thumbnail Creator” widget.

For higher understanding of CTR you can use famous tools. Let have a look.

Thumbnail Design Pro Tips

  • Make sure you use the right proportion of space between your video and the thumbnail. This is important to create a good impression of your video on people’s screens.
  • When you want to make your video more popular, you should create a high CTR thumbnail. This will help you to get views and likes on your video.
  • Color Selection is one of those attributes that often tends to get overlooked by most people. But there’s an important reason to use color when selecting images for your video.
  • Remember that a thumbnail is only an image. It doesn’t tell us much about the video. So if you have a high-quality, original, and engaging thumbnail, you should consider the size of the video.

Top 3 Tools To Download Youtube Thumbnails

There are many tools available online through which we can download youtube thumbnails. But we need those tools which allow us to download thumbnails in HD quality and many different sizes.


This is the most recommended tool for downloading youtube thumbnails because it has some pro features. Do you want to try click Here

  • 3 Different Sizes
  • HD Quality
  • Fast Downloading

Softr. io

This is the second recommended tool because this tool is not providing thumbnails in HD quality. All other features are the same.

  • 3 Different Sizes
  • No HD Formats
  • Fast Downloading

YTDown. com

The last recommended tool is YTDown. It is also user-friendly but the cons of this website is that it is very slow.

  • 3 Different Sizes
  • No HD Formats
  • Slow Downloading

How Thumbnails Work in SEO

Working with a brand, the way you show them their images will have a big impact on their search rankings. Creating new images for your brand, it’s important to be clear about the purpose of the image, what you’re trying to achieve, and what you’re asking the brand to do for you.

If you create new images for your brand, it’s important to be clear about the purpose of the image, what you’re trying to achieve, and what you’re asking the brand to do.

When it comes to creating thumbnail images for search engines, it’s important to make your site as unique as possible. The more unique your site is from the rest of the competition, the higher you can expect to rank for your keywords. To make sure that your site is as unique and unappealing as possible, it’s important to create great thumbnails and make sure that they are showing what you want them to show.

You need to understand what a good image is, what a bad image is and how you can make sure your images are optimized for search engine results.

In order for an image to do well in search engines, it needs to be marked up properly. There are many different tools available for you to use for webmasters and content producers. The most common tools include:
However, there are many other tools available to help you mark your images properly. One of the best tools is called THumbnails. It’s a free tool that works in WordPress and Dreamweaver.

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