Ways to Boost Your Appetite  

Nature designed hunger to prompt humans to eat. Eating is essential for health and to keep the body in good condition. However, there are situations when one will not feel like eating. This might be due to illness, medications, stress, or other factors. 

Loss of appetite is a sign that something is wrong with the body system. Humans need food for strength and the normal functioning of the entire body system. When one does not have an appetite, it will affect health as growth and development suffer. Even the immune system might take a hit.  

Yet, forcing yourself to eat might not be the best solution. Most times, it does not work. As a result, one needs to consider helpful ways to boost one’s appetite.  

This article will explore some tested tips to bring the appetite online again.  

Use Ginger 

Ginger is common in many households and used as a spice for foods and a stimulant for appetite. One can easily crush fresh ginger root, add in water, and drink it as a juice to boost appetite. 

In combination with coriander, ginger effectively boosts appetite and gives fast results. It is a substantial appetizer and a common home remedy for stimulating appetite.  

You can use various variants of ginger, like the fresh ginger root or ginger powder–dried one. Mix it with coriander seed, and heat the water. Let the mixture cool, and drink it once a day. It should trigger a positive effect on the appetite. 


Consider Delta 8 THC 

Delta 8, one of the derivatives of the cannabis plant, can also help stimulate appetite. This substance is available in various forms like gummies, oil, vapes, etc., that one can take to bring ghrelin online.  

When consumed in a low dose, delta 8 can stimulate appetite. This can be traced to the THC content that can activate and increase the hormone ghrelin, which triggers hunger. Interestingly, THC in delta 8 can trigger the feeling of hunger even if the stomach is not empty.  

Ensure to buy high-quality THC, and check for delta 8 thc edibles to boost appetite.  


Tamarind has a pulp that is a natural and trusted remedy to boost appetite. This substance is well known as a laxative which helps add flavor to food and drinks when added. Tamarind also supports smooth proper food digestion, thus preventing digestive issues.  

All you need is fresh tamarind, and soak in water for some hours. Strain it, and add cayenne pepper or black pepper with salt to taste. The following day, drink the mixture on an empty stomach for maximum effect. Drink the portion daily, and the impact on your appetite will be tremendous.  

Consume Small Meals  

One of the first and most effective steps in bringing your appetite online is restructuring your meal. Three square meals per day should not be a priority for someone without an appetite. A considerable meal might be a turn-off for someone struggling with appetite. 

As a result, resorting to smaller meals will make sense as it is achievable and will not seem like a huge task and stress for you. Besides, there is the possibility of having a sound eating routine. When you eat at a specific time every day, you can strengthen your appetite. Snacking between meals is not a good idea for someone dealing with appetite issues. Such foods are not of good quality besides that the quality isn’t so lovely.  

Consider Nutrient-Rich Foods Only 

When your appetite is poor, you will likely be attracted to poor-quality foods with less nutritional value. As a result, pizza, ice cream, chips, and other junk might form the bulk of your food. Interestingly, you might add more weight to such foods, giving the false idea of eating well.  

Even though junk is made to be delicious with high calories, they will hardly get the essential nutrients your body needs. So, don’t expect any tangible health benefits from such food.  

However, someone with a poor appetite needs a balanced diet and a healthy meal. Such meals need to have optimum calorie content and other essential nutrients like protein and healthy fats. Also, for people addicted to junk, healthy replacements might be a terrific idea. For instance, Greek Yogurt is a good choice compared to ice cream.  

You can also consider homemade pizza if you have the time. Ensure to make it with healthy ingredients and garnish it with spices and other nutritional additions. This is a healthy choice compared to empty calories that do the body no tangible benefit.  


Build Up Anticipation 

Eating will likely be the last thing on your mind if you have a poor appetite. As a result, you will neither be interested in eating nor cooking. You, however, can engage other senses to build up anticipation of eating, which can stimulate your appetite.  

Here are some recommended tips: 

  • Explore food websites and other sites like Pinterest with solid pictures of excellent delicacies. According to a study, mere looking at pictures of food can bring ghrelin online – the hormone responsible for hunger. 
  • The scent of food is a powerful stimulant that can trigger one’s desire to feed on a particular food. As a result, consider something with aromas similar to what you intend to eat.  


While the loss of appetite might seem like a minor issue, it is a cause for concern as it indicates an anomaly in the body. These and many more are ways to bring your appetite online and trigger hunger.  

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