Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett

Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett

In India, there are three types of destinations. The first one if Fort/Palaces, for that we select Rajsthan. The second is mountain that includes Masuri, Simla, and SriNagar. And third is the most popular beach destination that includes Goa, Andman, Daman, and Pondicheri, etc. One place providing all those things in one package is Jim Corbett, in Nainital district. destination wedding in Jim Corbett Due to proximity to Indian capital, New Delhi, this is most popular and prominent area to organize a perfect destination wedding. Jim Corbett National Park is one of India’s National Parks which not only gives a wedding place but also wildish natural atmosphere with verities of birds and snakes.

In a way, you can enjoy wedding as well as hygienic atmosphere. We can decide a destination wedding according to season/weather. For a destination wedding, one question definitely strikes in everyone’s mind. How much time before plan a destination wedding? To organize a perfect wedding outside home, it will take extra time because it will be a new place for both of the families. Vendors are new, destination is different and we have a lot of things to think. This is why it is advisable that you should at least take 6 months before. It will be an appropriate time period for us. More can be better, and less can be difficult but manageable.

We have to do a lot of thinking. First of all, we have to decide a perfect place. You can’t imagine to show off by taking 1500 wedding guest outside home. You have to keep less number of guests. The most essential things in a wedding are food and decorations. Most of guests attend a ceremony to enjoy foods. So we have not to need keeping many items in food, but it should be delicious. Decoration is also very important part of function. Decoration makes your day memorable. To manage all these things, you must hire a wedding planner. How many times you can go from your home? JimCorbettWeddingz is a passionate of wedding partner that includes local-based expertise.

Why Select Jim Corbett for a Destination Wedding?

Jim Corbett is a beautiful place to visit located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand state. It is renowned as first India’s park , established in 1938 during British Raj. it had been referred to as Haily park after William Malcolm Haily. within the year 1956, it had been renamed as Corbett park after the good naturalist and hunter Corbett , who played a number one role in its establishment. This was the first park to come under Project Tiger Initiative.

Corbett National Park includes 520 sq km region of hills, marshy depressions, a large lake and river. From July to September, you will find rainy days. In the winter time, nights are so cold but days are bright and sunny. This is why the period of time between the months of mid March to June is taken into account as best season to plan a destination wedding in Corbett. National Park consists of 488 different species of plants and numerous verities of fauna. An ecotourism destination presents a great destination for tourist activities.

In this National Park, more than 586 specious of birds are found, including crested sepent eagle, blossom-headed parakeet, 33 species of reptiles, seven species of fish and 36 species of dragonflies have also been categorized. Leopards are present in hilly areas but may also live in low dense jungle. Some other mammals are yellow-throated martens, Himalayan goral, Indian Pangolins, and Langur, etc. That means you are going make your guest and family fully entertain amidst wedding functions. Ramnagar is central destination in Nainital and it is a railway station that commute you to Delhi all stations. When you plan to enjoy whether on weekend or to organize a destination wedding, it will be a very good place in terms of atmosphere, weather, greenery, affordable home availability and many other aspects.

How to do a Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett in Budget

In a normal Indian wedding, there are so many things that become heavy on our budget such as booking resorts with banquet hall & outdoor lawn, hiring different vendors like make-up artists, Dhol Artists, Mehandi Rasm, and food menus, etc. But by doing some efforts, we can reduce our budget.

Select Off Seasons

 In our country, we often see the marriage parties in our relation, but for a destination wedding in Jim Corbett, the time period between mid of March to June is considered favourable. The season of November to January, the winter’s night is so cold, although the days are sunny, but it will not be a very good time for planning a destination wedding. To trim the budget, you should select off-season, which means the date of marriage should not be on weekend. We have to search some names of resorts that take booking at a reasonable cost.

Resorts and Food Menu

Most of the guests attend the marriage I order to eat delicious food and see decorations. Both are very essential elements in a wedding. You should book a hotel or resort that keep food management staff. If you are looking for a resort with banquet hall, beautiful decoration, entertaining facilities, river-view, hill-side view, and natural greenery, then you should contact the best wedding Planner in Jim Corbett. You should focus on the thing that the number items are less but delicious. For decoration, you keep care about the banquet hall and entry gate.


JimCorbettWeddingz is a leading destination wedding planner in Jim Corbett. They have organized many wedding parties, ring ceremony, and Tilak function so far. The average cost of planning a destination wedding in Nainital Uttrakhand is embarking from 10 laths on wards. It may go up to 50 to 60 lakhs depending on your guests, food menu, hotel rooms booking, banquet hall, and decoration. To enjoy the best day of your life, contact us.