The Friendship of Oikawa and Iwaizumi


Oikawa’s failure to understand his own talent was his own fault. He was set up as Kageyama’s mentor, and as such, he was never meant to teach him anything besides setting and people skills. It was only later that he came to realize the immense potential of his team and the team’s interaction. However, it doesn’t mean that Oikawa had no talent of his own.


Oikawa and Iwa have a friendship that goes back several years. When Oikawa feels insecure, Iwa slaps him on the shoulder and kicks him back to reality. Iwaizumi is Oikawa’s best friend. The two are also best friends because they’ve shared some bad experiences together. Here’s the story of their friendship.

Toru Oikawa is the team captain and Iwaizumi’s best friend. Though they’re both stubborn, they’re both dependable and try their best to help their teammate. They often give insulting nicknames to each other and threaten each other. Toru and Iwaizumi are a powerful duo and Iwaizumi cares deeply about Oikawa.

Iwaizumi’s resentment of Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama’s resentment of Iwaizumi stems from their time together as teammates at the University of Tokyo. Although he was the shortest of the three players, he was the most feisty. Often seen with his fists balled, Iwaizumi would thrash around the court, clenching his jaw. He was so resentful that, during an argument with his ex-girlfriend, he would punch her in the face, knocking her to the floor and threaten to break the phone in one blow.

Iwaizumi’s nastiness of Kageyama can be seen in an episode in which Oikawa almost hits Kageyama. This shows that Oikawa holds resentment towards Kageyama, despite being praised by others as a genius setter. It is unclear how this came about, but the episode ended with Oikawa apologizing to Kageyama.

Iwaizumi’s jealousy

You might wonder whether Iwaizumi’s jealous behavior was real. This character was mysterious and seemed to critique every word said. While he was very good friends with Oikawa, he didn’t seem to like them very much. He didn’t like their banter, and it distracted him from the seriousness of the game. But this is what he really wanted: to make Dave fall in love with her.

Iwaizumi’s jealous feeling was not entirely healthy. Although he believed Oikawa, he didn’t like the way his heart churned when he saw him. That’s why he decided to set up Iwa-chan with one of his fangirls, but this time he didn’t try it out. He just sat there and waited for his partner to say something he’d thought of.

Iwaizumi’s determination

In a case that is both fascinating and tragic, Iwaizumi’s determination is one of the most striking elements. In spite of his ruthless work ethic, Iwaizumi is able to evade capture and save the lives of many people. He was so focused on the case that he acted completely out of character. His determination led him to be successful, and he continues to put his reputation at stake.

It took all of Iwaizumi’s determination to convince a hospital to give him the opportunity to stay and live in Tokyo. It was as if Iwaizumi had a purpose, and he knew it. His burgeoning appetite had forced him to make the decision to move to Tokyo, where he met Oikawa. In Tokyo, they lived in the same apartment, and they had moved in together for university.

Iwaizumi’s love for Oikawa

Toru Oikawa and Hajime Iwaizumi are childhood friends. They share a love for volleyball, and Hajime has a soft spot for Oikawa. Both girls are smart and good athletes, and Hajime is a former ace on the team. They are also courageous, but have their fair share of doubts, such as being too young or too old to play.

Final Words:

Oikawa’s interest in extraterrestrials is so great that he told Sugawara about it on their first date, and she teasingly told him there was a certain surefire way to meet extraterrestrials. Iwaizumi finds this dangerously charming and is grateful for his faulty radar. Though she may be a bit over-sensitive, Oikawa’s distorted radar makes him an excellent target.

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