The Cleaning Lady Returns to FOX

The Cleaning Lady

FOX has renewed The Cleaning Lady for a second season. The character-driven drama, produced by Warner Bros. Television has garnered a loyal audience since it debuted on the network in January. The Cleaning Lady ranks among the top new broadcast dramas for the 2021-22 season and ranks as one of Hulu’s most-streamed debuts from any network. Its premiere episode alone drew 11.9 million viewers.

Elodie Yung

Adapted from an Argentinean drama, “The Cleaning Lady” stars Elodie Yung as a Filipina medical doctor, Thony De La Rosa. She overstayed her visa in the U.S. and is desperate to help her son receive specialized medical treatment. Thony ends up working as a cleaning lady in order to make ends meet and save her son. This story traces her life and reveals how she becomes an invaluable asset to her family.

Among Elodie Yung’s many roles, The Cleaning Lady is set to premiere in early January 2022 on Fox. It is the network’s highest-rated new drama in two years. The show was the highest-streamed debut in the history of FOX. Elodie Yung is also starring in the second season of “Daredevil,” which starred Elodie Yung as Elektra Natchios, a vigilante with a dark secret.

Despite the polarizing nature of the film, Elodie Yung is a good choice for the role. Elodie is an immigrant from Cambodia and plays a resilient, strong character who will do anything to protect her son. Yung also discussed the importance of Southeast Asian representation in films. So how does she think “The Cleaning Lady” will be received? We will find out in a moment.

Michelle Kwak

“The Cleaning Lady” is a new drama series on FOX about an undocumented housecleaner. The series is written and starred by Michelle Kwak, who was previously known as a stuntwoman. This drama series follows the life of Thony, a housecleaning woman who is actually an actress. Thony has a background in theatre, and she’s now switching over to writing after a bad experience. The series is based on an Argentinian series, but unlike the series, the main character is much smarter and intelligent than the others.

Argentine drama

The series is based on the Argentine drama “La Chica Limpia.” A young housecleaning woman, Thony, is trying to make ends meet by finding medical care for her disabled son, while also working as a cleaner to pick up mobsters and mob activity. Though the storyline is a bit clichéd, Elodie Yung’s performance is terrific, and the writing is strong.

Despite its good intentions, “The Cleaning Lady” is too derivative to make a successful series. The film’s premiere episode was the highest-rated debut of any drama in the last two years, and it was the most watched on the network. The first season of the series was a hit, debuting at number one on the network’s Top Ten New Dramas for 2021-22. Despite its mediocre first season, the network says the second season will bring more viewers to the network.

Adan Canto

Adan Canto, the actor who plays mobster Arman Morales on Fox’s “The Cleaning Lady,” is no stranger to playing complex characters. He has previously starred in the Netflix drama “The Designated Survivor,” and he also has a role in the upcoming superhero film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Canto also writes the award-winning short film “Before Tomorrow,” which has also won a lot of accolades. “The Cleaning Lady” also stars Martha Millan as Fiona, Lizzie Weil as Katherine Russo, Oliver Hudson as Garrett Miller, and Shiva Negar as Isabel Barsamian.

While Adan Canto is a Mexican actor, he is looking for a film that has a strong social focus and dialog-inviting storyline. His new role in “The Cleaning Lady” will premiere on HBO Max in Mexico on April 6. Canto says he was surprised when he was approached to play Arman Morales, a Mexican woman who lives in America. Since the casting process began, Adan Canto has been learning about a different culture and the character of Arman Morales.

Final Words:

While Canto is best known for his role as Sunspot in X-Men: Days of Future Past, he also has a history of playing burly, powerful characters on screen. His new role as Arman Morales on “The Cleaning Lady” comes after a three-year run in the drama “Designated Survivors.”


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