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If you’ve ever played a PC version of these games, you’re probably wondering why the difference is so great. The main reason is that Pubg India and Garena free fire are similar but offer better scoring systems. You should be careful of artificial intelligence bots, though, as they will ruin your SSS ranking in no time.

PUBG Mobile India

Recently, the Government of India banned two popular games – Garena Free Fire and PUBG mobile – for violating the country’s gaming laws. The government’s decision came after several media outlets and players expressed their outrage. The games’ developers responded to the bans by releasing new versions of their games with different names, some of which have since been banned. While the Indian government’s ban on these games hasn’t sparked any real-world consequences, it has led to a great deal of debate on social media platforms.

Similar Games

PUBG and Garena Free Fire are similar games. While the ban on PUBG Mobile is not specific to India, it could affect other countries that use the same engine to run their games. While these games may have been clones of popular titles, the developers of these games released them in India without the permission of the respective copyright holders.

The Indian version of the game, PUBG Mobile, is designed for Android devices and is available on the official website of the developer. The app also offers individual and team play options. For those who enjoy playing solo or with a group, PUBG Mobile India allows Indian players to choose servers with the lowest latency and lag. And since the game is developed for Android users in India, it is incredibly popular.

PUBG vs PUBG vs PUBG Mobile

PUBG was first released for PC, but in March of this year, the PUBG Corp. released the mobile version, too. Both versions are massively popular and still trending in 2020. But, how do they differ from one another? The two games have a different feel and target different audience. Here are some important differences between them. Read on to discover the differences between PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile Lacks Detail

In most cases, there is no decoration inside a house besides a shelf and a rug. In contrast, the PUBG PC version of the game has more elaborate interiors. There is additional decoration on walls and in rooms, and players can even place extra tiny rooms. This makes PUBG Mobile better for casual gamers. This makes it easier to compete with others.

Although COD’s multiplayer modes are more realistic, PUBG Mobile isn’t as well-rounded in terms of customization. While COD gives you a chance to dress up as a clown or steampunk, PUBG gives you an endless number of ways to express yourself. While both games are great for gaming on the go, each has something to offer.

PUBG vs PUBG Mobile

To decide between the two popular mobile games, you’ll need to know which one is better. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. One major difference is that the PC version requires a powerful gaming PC with plenty of RAM, while the mobile version only requires a smartphone. In addition, you’ll need to pay for the PC version, which is more expensive than the mobile version. But no matter which version you choose, the mobile version will likely be easier to play.

PUBG is still the best version of the game, and you should spend money on it if you’re a devoted fan. However, if you have a limited amount of time and don’t want to spend money, you should choose the mobile version. It costs less than $20 for PS4 or Xbox One, and offers the same features, although it’s a bit more complicated.

Final Words:

PUBG Mobile offers more customization options than the original game, making it easier to create a unique look for your account. This is important for people who love customization, but not everyone will appreciate it. While PUBG’s graphics and sounds may be better, the mobile version of the game has a more limited screen resolution. This will make the game more portable. PUBG Mobile is also more versatile when it comes to maps, so it’s worth playing on a tablet or smartphone to see how well it fares.


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