Rafe Cameron – Break the Cycle of Anger and Hurt With Your Father

Rafe Cameron

Drew Starkey plays Rafe Cameron on the popular TV show. He has a troubled relationship with his father and tries to steal from him to pay back Barry. He later jumps Rafe and Topper. We’ll talk about his relationship with Sarah and other aspects of Rafe’s life in this article. It will make you understand his character better. Read on to find out more about Rafe Cameron.

Drew Starkey is the actor who plays rafe cameron

American actor Drew Starkey played the role of Rafe Cameron in the TV series “Outer Banks.” This series was based in Charleston, South Carolina, and it features teen action, romance, and chicanery in the lives of two teenagers. While Rafe is supposed to be 19 years old, Starkey’s age makes him a little bit older than his character.

As the eldest son of the Cameron family, Rafe has inherited his father’s business and is believed to be the family’s successor. Born under the Cancer star sign, Rafe has a lively personality and is a natural leader. However, he has a tendency to dominate people. So, Rafe is a linchpin in the story.

He has a troubled relationship with his father

Many men are stuck in a cycle of angry, hurt feelings with their father. The ideal outcome for men with father issues is to break this cycle and gain more personal freedom and self-awareness to move forward in other areas of their lives. The following are ways to break the cycle of anger and hurt with your father. The therapist will help you learn to set boundaries and practice new ways of relating to your child.

He tries to steal from his dad to pay back Barry

Jimmy, a young man, is a frequent thief. He steals $17,000 from his father’s records, which is almost impossible to steal without drawing attention. Because of this, he has gained a reputation as ‘Slippin’ Jimmy’, and he often works behind the cash register. He even steals money from the drawer to pay back Barry. He later admits to this crime, and Barry becomes angry.

He tries to jump Rafe and Topper

In the episode “Rafe and Topper”, Phoebe is having an argument with her boyfriend Rafe, when he decides to jump the two of them. During the argument, Rafe starts trash talking her best friend Maxine Zhu. She’s not sure whether Rafe is trying to make her laugh, or is just being pushy. But soon, Rafe realizes that he has to leave her alone, as she’s talking to her boyfriend, Rafe.

Kelce, however, was more reluctant to include Rafe in his group. The Pogues were not part of his friend circle, so he knew what it was like to be ostracized. Topper had a bad reputation, so it was easy for him to turn away from Rafe. Unlike Rafe, Kelce didn’t care about the Pogues, and Rafe couldn’t be more ignorant about his ‘friends’.

He loathes jj

Rafe Cameron loathes a guy named JJ, so much so that he actually spits on him. When JJ’s breath hits Rafe’s cock, he spits back, and he grabs him. JJ whimpers as Rafe spits on him. It’s a classic example of how a guy can loathe a person by making him do something that makes them feel good.

Final Words:

Rafe was already a victim of bullying by Rafe, and his mother was the worst. It was only a matter of time before Rafe reacted by spitting on Rafe. He later attacked JJ in the locker room, and even jumped on him while trying to hide. Rafe’s violence was intended to intimidate JJ, and he tries to intimidate him through roughhousing.

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