Patty Gardell: Where Does Bob Hearts Abishola Take Place?

Patty Gardell

The sitcom’s title character, Patty Gardell, is the owner of a sock company and falls in love with a young nurse. Since the show’s release in 2001, Patty Gardell has appeared in dozens of hit TV shows, including Mike and Molly and The Office. His wife, Patty, has not revealed her occupation, but we do know that she is a housewife, who takes care of her children and husband. Family and success are important to her, but she is not content with that, either.

Fancy Restaurant

While in Nigeria, Patty Gardell pursues a career in politics and law, but she quickly becomes enamored with Bob. The two go to a fancy restaurant for dinner to celebrate their engagement, but end up in a coney stand. It isn’t uncommon for sitcoms to end on a dramatic cliffhanger, so the episode’s climax is often rather surprising.

Where does Bob Hearts Abisholoa take place? comes from the names of the characters. The show follows a Nigerian nurse who has a heart attack. The story follows her relationship with the African-American nurse, played by Travis Wolfe Jr., and their daughter, Dottie. The show takes place at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport

When does Bob Hearts Abishola take its place? and who stars in it? The show was a hit on HBO and was filmed in the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. There are numerous other locations where the show is shot, but it’s still hard to say for sure. However, if you’re curious about the setting, check out the cast and crew.

The third season of Bob Hearts Abishola takes place in Nigeria, where Abishola’s ex-husband threatens to keep their son from her. Meanwhile, Patty Gardell, is living with his mother in the US. The series is set in a Nigerian home where he lives in the neighborhood with his parents.

Ex-Husband & Family

The series takes place in Nigeria. The ex-husband has plans for her son, Dele, and is desperate to protect him from his ex-husband. In season three, the actors filmed in Lagos include the characters’ ex-husband and her family. The plots of the first and second seasons of Bob Hearts Abishola are a delight for all fans.

The second season of the TV show is a comedy, which means that it has some dramatic moments. The characters have a lot of fun with one another. The second half is filled with laughs and tears. The actors’ roles are well-developed and well-respected. And while Patty McGrath has a great marriage, her husband and her children are equally happy.

Bob Hearts Abiola

The second season of Bob Hearts Abishola is a romantic comedy in which the characters fall in love with each other. In the first episode, Abishola is the youngest child of a Nigerian woman. She originally planned a career in law and politics. The episode ends in a snazzy dinner. Throughout the series, she and her husband are not only a couple but a family.

The second season of the television show is set in Nigeria. It is based on a story about a middle-aged businessman from Detroit who unexpectedly falls in love with a young Nigerian nurse. The series is set in the country, and the characters are portrayed in different ethnicities. When it comes to realism, the film is a little darker than most.


The first season of Bob Hearts Abishola takes place in the fictional town of Abiola. It is a drama and follows several characters. In this season, she is married to her long-time husband, Billy Gardell. Her character also has a private life, but some fans have speculated that she may have an affair with Jonah Wharton.

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