How to Generate a Salary Bill in PayManager?


If you want to manage your salary through PayManager, it is a great idea to download the app. The app will allow you to enter an employee’s details, process their salary, and generate a PDF payment file. To use PayManager, download it from the Google Play Store. To learn more about how to use this software, read our article on the subject. It also explains how to generate a salary bill and change an employee’s name and status.

How to make a salary bill?

To create a bill in the Paymanager software, follow these steps. Select the account that you want to create. For example, if you want to make a salary bill for a group of employees, you can select the group’s name and enter the name of the employee in the account column. Next, click on Add staff. You will be presented with the available options. Click on Add deductions and select the type of saving that you would like to do.

In the Bill Processing tab, choose Employee Salary. If the employee is only receiving half of his salary, select Employee Payment. Select the payment method and the amount that will appear on the bill. This will allow you to make the payment. Make sure that you update the details of all personnel. If you have any issues, contact the employee to resolve the issue. Once you have completed the process, the employee can review their salary slip and submit it for approval.

How to download employee salary slip?

How to download an employee salary slip in Pay Manager is easy! Simply log in to Pay Manager and go to the Employee Corner – Employee report – Pay Slip. The page will open with the salary slip details and you can download it from there. This payslip will show you the amount of money each employee earned in a particular month. It will also show you the last pay structure the employee was in. Click “OK” to download the employee’s payslip.

Go to the Employee corner tab on the dashboard. There, you’ll find a dropdown menu labelled Pay Slip. Select it and click “Submit”. The salary slip will then be downloaded to your system. You can also view and download employee details via the GA 55 portal. This option is only available to employees working for the government of Rajasthan. You can find this menu in the Employee Corner tab. Once you’ve selected an employee’s salary slip, you’ll be prompted to enter the employee’s GA number, name, and date of birth.

How to change employee name?

You can edit the name of an employee by going to the Paymanager interface. You can select the Employee screen in the left pane. You can also select a bill and search for the employee. You will be presented with the data of related personnel. You can also change the probation status of a staff member to regular. Listed below are some steps to update an employee’s name. Here’s how:

How to update employee status?

How to update employee status in PayManager? The first step is to login to DDO. After logging in to DDO, click on the Employee Detail Updation button. The screen will now show data about related personnel. Ensure that you update employee status correctly and accurately, as inaccuracies in employee status can cause strange complications. The PayManager employee status update page allows you to modify and change an employee’s status.

You can update an employee’s salary and download various reports through this portal. Besides, you can also download different types of reports. To do this, you must first login to the portal. Next, you must validate your phone number. If you don’t have a password, you can also reset it using the phone number. Just make sure to enter the new password twice to confirm your changes. After that, you can download other reports and pay slips.

Final Words:

If you are in need of a change or correction, you can send an employee status request in Pay Manager. If you see this option, you have not entered the correct information. If you want to send the correction request, you need to select the employee name and click on the “Submit Request” button. Then, you can proceed to the next step to update your employee’s personal details and bank account data.

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