Effortless Method to  Import Entourage into Microsoft Outlook

Entourage into Microsoft Outlook

Would you like to import files from Entourage into Microsoft Outlook? What type of computer do you want to use to do this? Regardless of the operating system, you’re running, you can effortlessly import Entourage to Outlook. In this post, I will answer all your questions and show you how to quickly and easily convert MBOX to PST Format.

Mac users previously preferred Microsoft Entourage as their email software. It became the industry staple for Mac email apps due to its silk-stocking style and functionality. Nonetheless, Microsoft, the developer of Entourage, tabbed to phase down Entourage 2011 in the grace of Outlook, the “big” email client that we now know. Despite the fact that Entourage possessed a built-in import function that allowed users to migrate to Outlook, many users continued to use Entourage.

On the other hand, after years of no alimentation and the materialization of new and high-caliber email programs such as Outlook, it is despite delay time for Entourage users to make strides to a more Avant-grade staging. And, at this twinkle, no platform, whether for Windows or Mac, is of high rank than Microsoft Outlook. As a result, in this post, we’ll walk you through the full process of importing Entourage into Microsoft Outlook.

Entourage & Outlook Database Information:

Every .rge file type is worn to clip Entourage’s uncondensed database. Aforementioned RGE file stores all mailbox objects, such as emails, contacts, and calendars. The .rge file may be opened to manifest the .mbox files used to save Entourage email conserve.
Outlook also stores the ingredients of all of your mailboxes in a single file (PST). The present file is in charge of bottling all of the items in Outlook’s mailbox.

Getting Entourage Messages Ready for Import

Despite the verity the competence to manually import the Entourage database was available in Outlook 2011, it was eliminated in a later Outlook chronicle. Resultantly, consumers progressively use software to do their errands. Regard, the first step is to assemble Entourage messages, and that entails plucking Entourage data toward MBOX files for reconstruction to the Outlook platform.

1. Directly retrieve the mailboxes from the Entourage application:

The mailbox folders may be dragged and dropped straight from the Entourage UI to the desktop. This step creates an MBOX file with the same name as the mailbox you’ve specified.

2. Retrieve Entourage Contents from its Archive and export them

In the data construction phase, this feature certifies that the folder structure of your files is secured seamlessly. Henceforth are the procedures to prepare Entourage emails for the import process:

  • On your Mac, open MS Entourage and select File >> Export from the menu bar.
  • Choose Mail and press the right arrow.
  • Select whether or not to erase data from Entourage following the archiving procedure.
  • Select the place where the Entourage archive will be saved and hit the Save button.
  • Entourage will transfer all of your data to the place you specify. To successfully complete, click the Done button.
  • Designate Show Package Contents from the context menu when you right-click on the saved .rge file.
  • To discover the subfolders containing .mbox files, go to Mail > On My Computer.
  • To convert and import them into Outlook, copy this file to another folder.

Employing Conversion Software to Insert Entourage into Microsoft Outlook

Nevertheless, Entourage and Outlook data files are diametrically opposed, the user has no verdict but to install third-party conversion software. The compelling objection here is to get a tool that is worth the money. MBOX to PST Converter is the antidote here, as it can procreate all Entourage mailbox files to PST format. It binds oneself that the emails may be interspersed into Outlook. In defiance of whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, this program aims to convert Entourage to Outlook quickly. The following procedures are for Mac users.

Steps to import Entourage to Outlook:

  • Utilizing Add file/folder, just choose Entourage .mbox file.
  • Just get an Outlook PST format and a location to save the file.
  • Apply filters and fine-tune your import options.
  • Begin the process of exporting Entourage to an Outlook PST file.

The conventional procedures must be taken if users want to extricate the Entourage archived files on Windows OS:

  • Move the archive file to your Windows computer. There, it will become a regular folder.
  • Navigate to the folder and look for the .mbox files. You may be using the conversion tool to convert the files to PST and then import them into Outlook.
  • Users using Windows should follow the steps below (convert Entourage emails directly on Windows).

Upgrading Entourage to Outlook in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Open the Windows program and select “Add Files” from the drop-down menu.
  • Shipping Entourage emails into Outlook for transcoding.
  • Look over your Entourage emails.
  • Convert Entourage to Outlook using the “PST” option.

Putting It All Together

Microsoft’s Entourage is outdated and missing many of the potentiality seen in the most recent Contempo of Outlook. Therefore, Entourage users have swapped to Outlook and want to migrate their Entourage into Microsoft Outlook. We unveil to users how to compile Entourage files and how to utilize a program to convert them uncomplicatedly in this post. Users may download the software’s a free demo version and import Entourage to Outlook without any problems.

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