Develop Your Instagram Profile to Gain More Followers


The Best Ways To Develop Your Instagram Profile to Gain More Followers

Instagram is the second most popular social network worldwide with the most active users, second only to the owner of the site, Facebook. More than one billion users use Instagram every month, and it will generate revenues of $12.32 billion by 2020 (eMarketer). It’s more than just a leading source of coffee art. It is home to greater than one-billion active monthly users. Yes, you read that right billion. That’s the letter “B.”


Understanding Why

While most users are in The U.S., it has an enormous presence across the globe and has large users in India, Brazil, Russia, and Indonesia. Instagram is also popular with the young and trendy, as the more youthful crowd comprises about 60% of users on the platform, and teens are using the platform in increasing numbers. B2C (Business to Consumer) companies can make an impact on Instagram. If you’re showcasing the best food or a gorgeous car, or a new item, Instagram is the way to reach out to consumers looking for exciting and straightforward, visually appealing stories and posts.

Given the enormous opportunities on social media, numerous brands and influencers have difficulty making an impact on the second-largest online platform for social networking. Establishing a solid presence requires a well-thought-out strategy created by an expert of a results-oriented agency to make sure you do not fall behind the competition. An Instagram page that has thousands or millions of followers is more likely to win a person’s trust than a page that has small followers. For instance, suppose you run an enterprise that is a clothing company, and you haven’t reached the heights yet. There’s a very low likelihood that other users will be able to locate your profile or even trust you or even trust you. It is essential to build your profile to increase your followers.

Audience Quantity Over Everything

Instagram is likely to be the first representation on your business’s internet that a potential customer will encounter. A successful account that is recognizable and has popularity will build trust and increase interest in your brand. 77% of consumers rely on the endorsements of their peers when choosing a product. By having more followers, your brand’s social proof is more prominent, and your business grows and develops an attractive online presence.

Gain more attention and build an audience who appreciates and trusts your business. It is now the best suitable time to utilize the social platform you operate to boost your business. A regular, engaged audience familiar with your company’s brand products and services can increase sales and help you save costs in marketing!

A Compelling Profile Photo

in his work, Face Value: The Irresistible Effect of First Impressions, psychotherapist Alexander Todorov enlightens people’s bias in judging others. On social media, this isn’t the way to judge someone else. According to Todorov, people make their impressions of other people in just 30-40 milliseconds. If you think about this instantaneous examination of your Instagram profile photo, it can be not very easy if you do not create a compelling image.

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Your profile photo should represent you and be a focal point for people to see the person you are and your company’s purpose. People to faces. So, if you are able, select an actual human face as your profile photo!

A “WOW” Description for Your Bio

How you portray yourself on the Instagram bio is an essential element of your Instagram presentation. Through this biographical information, your followers can comprehend your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). The best results can be when you outline what you can offer and bring about. When you talk about your brand through your social media profiles, it is not about your brand but rather what you can offer.

You must know how to create an adequate description of the services you provide so that it can create a quick connection to your profile’s visitors and your followers. It is also essential to emphasize your company’s distinct advantages against your competitors. What is unique on your Instagram that is worth following?

Contrary to popular opinion, including hashtags in your bio will not result in profile discovery. Instagram displays hashtag search results only in posts and not profiles. This means that the use of the hashtag for your bio does not bring in new viewers and users, but it can also draw new users away from your profile and instead into the hashtags!

Add a CTA Button

Instagram also offers a variety of Call To Action (CTA) options, also known as the “Action Button,” which gives users the ability to be more targeted to learn more about your offerings or services correctly. Buttons such as “book appointments” and “reserve” are also possible. To add these buttons to your profile, you’ll require at least 10k followers! This is the reason for the significance of having a large number of followers and social proofing services! Utilizing social proof does not just increase your trust and credibility but can also reduce the barriers between yourself and those you follow. They become your valued customers and a free marketing tool, i.e., W-O.M. (Word of Mouth).

Explore Instagram Highlights

Instagram Highlights function as pages on your site. Please make use of them to organize your content. Stories are getting more attention on Instagram than posts in general. This activity helps to understand what’s happening in the present moment and keeps content up for just 24 hours.

Additionally, people who follow any particular brand or celebrity look through Instagram Stories to peek behind the scenes and see what’s popular and “real-time” insights. Utilize this feature to establish an even closer connection with your audience or followers. Keep in mind that videos are more exposed time than static images. So, make the most of the video, animation, and interactive features provided.


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