All You Need To Know To Study MBBS in UK

mbbs in uk
MBBS in uk

Study MBBS in UK

Ranked 2nd in medical research worldwide and second highest recipient of Nobel laureates in medicine, MBBS study in the UK is the wise decision. In this article, all you need To know To Study MBBS in UK is mentioned. The UK is home to major medical colleges and the reason it attracts the right kind of attention among medical students is access to work-class equipment and facilities.

In addition, UK universities also offer medical students the opportunity to gain professional experience while studying. So if you want to explore MBBS in the UK, this blog will take you through the process. We have listed all the essential information you need to help you follow study MBBS in the UK for Indian students.

Why Indians Choose to Study MBBS in UK?

Before you go on to understand the full UK MBBS course, let’s take a quick look at why the UK is your favorite destination for an MBBS degree for international students:

Major Colleges

The UK is home to high quality medical colleges. There are almost 34 MBBS colleges in the UK offering world-class medical education.

Influential Ties

The UK’s leading medical colleges have powerful links with the local and global medical industry. This will increase the placement and professional opportunities for international students.

Higher Salary  

Compared to other countries, the UK offers a 67% higher salary range, thus attracting international students to consider the UK for MBBS.


UK MBBS fees are affordable. The tuition fee starts at £ 22,000 and can go up to £ 52,000. International students who want to pursue MBBS on a tight budget should definitely consider the UK for the same.

Mixed Scholarships

To help fulfill the dreams of international students wishing to pursue MBBS in the UK, the country offers a variety of scholarship opportunities aimed at better funding this education.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in UK for Indian Students after Schooling

Students must be at least 18 years old if they want to apply for a UK medical program. There are other special requirements for MBBS in the UK when applying for international students for a program.

We have mentioned the most common necessities for accessing MBBS in the UK:

  1. A-Levels
  2. General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE)
  3. English Language Proficiency
  4. Medical Entrance Exam
  5. Visa & Passport

1. A-Levels

A level offers are suitable for international students. Must have an AAA that includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Mathematics. Three combinations of science subjects will be accepted as grade A. However, make sure that none of these science subjects are like nature

For Indian students it means you have a score of at least 80% in your 10 + 2 in Chemistry and Biology.

 2. Common Certificate of Secondary Education

International students must get a 7 or A in GCSE Mathematics or similar. In addition to this, 4 or C is required in GCSE English or similar.

Make sure the main subjects such as Chemistry or Biology are covered, as well as Physics, Psychology or Maths and another subject.

3. English Language Ability

If English is not your first language, you will be required to write and pass an English Language Ability Test. The accepted test scores are:

  1. IGCSE – Level B or Second Language – Level A
  2. IELTS- 7.0
  3. PTE-65
  4. Cambridge English— 185
  5. International Baccalaureate Diploma – Score 5

As a result, to score high in IELTS exam, you need prepare very hard. So, join IELTS coaching in Hyderabad for preparation.

4. Medical Opening Test

Students must pass the UK Clinical Entrance Examination (UKCAT) or Biomedical Entrance Examination (BMAT) depending on the requirements of the college or university to which they are applying.

5. Visa & Authorization

Students must also have a valid UK passport and student visa in order to pursue MBBS in the UK.

Cost of MBBS in UK for International Students

The cost of MBBS in UK is determined by two factors, UK MBBS fees and Cost of living.

Schooling Cost for MBBS in UK

The average cost of MBBS in the UK is between £ 27,000 and £ 54,000 a year for international students which include tuition fees in addition to the other types of fees charged by universities.

The tuition fee varies widely between the universities and the specialists chosen by the student. Fees are determined by course year or split semester years. As a result, the MBBS in UK taxes in Indian rupees is between 22 Lakh and 52 lakh per annum.

Cost of Living with Studying MBBS in UK

So, the average cost of living in the UK can go up to £ 1300 per month. Although transport facilities are cheaper, most of the costs come from accommodation, especially when international students prefer to live in private housing. House rents range from £ 500- £ 700 / month.

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