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Many times it happens that we conflict to our closer friend or family on such a matter that come in confusion. Sometimes we see that a couple conflict each other or corporate makes a suspect to its employee. In all these cases, you must have to know elementary information regarding anger, confusion or other things. In this, detective agency in Gurgaon you should hire a private detective, due to which you can control your relations. If you live in Delhi and Gurgaon, then you can contact to Country Wide Detective Services Provider. We are a leader in offering detective services all over the country. Our main aim is remove confusion between a couple if came due to confusion, anger or emotion.

If you are facing any kind of problem, you can contact us without any hesitation.

How to Hire the Best Private Detectives

There are immense parameters to find these services Apart from this, you can go search them on Google Search Engine. A list of many detectives will come in front of you. Go to their websites and check how old they are. Give at least five minutes to their websites and find all essential information.

Check their certificate, telephone number, mobile number, photo, address, and domain age, etc. A detective agency in Gurgaon, with ISO certified and experience, will do better work. So when you will take 10 to 15 minutes, then you can expect about their work or knowledge. APDI (Administration of Private Detective Investigation) provides certificate after so many examinations. But in Delhi and Gurgaon, where one does not know even his neighbor, the residents create many issues.

There are many private detectives in Delhi providing top-level investigations. Most of the agencies are offering investigation services all types of cases. Let’s see what all services our agency offer.

Pre Marriage Investigation

In today’s time, the scope of Pre-Marriage investigation is broad in our country. Everyone is giving time to build his career, increase his business, and keep care of his body. All in all we have no time to meet each other. We know about the other family such things that they told to us. But we must need to investigate about their family background, education, business, jobs, and salary, etc. Pre Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi gives all details so that your kids could not face problem in the marriage life.

Missing Person Cases Investigation

Is any relative or family member missing? You went through Indian Police, but did get a perfect solution. If you are eager to hire a private detective for finding such person, then you should hire us. With our good contacts and networks, we provide excellent solution. In this, we have a very good experience in such cases. Till now, we have solved over 100 cases.

Fingerprint Investigation and Bank Fraud

In our bustling lifestyle, we often see that many crimes happen according to fingerprints. When any robbery happens in your home or office, then we can investigate the fingerprint. It may occur anywhere in banks or industries. We are always ready to solve such a type of problem. Private Detective in Delhi offers top-quality solutions regarding those services. We have been working for detective services for the last ten years in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. 

Matrimonial Fraud Investigation

Sometimes it happens that you search for a family for marriage. You had a relationship between that family and yours. But after some months, you are facing problems in your life. It may be possible that your wife stole gold jewelry or money. Yes, you will file a report at the concerned police station. But if you want to catch her, then you should hire the best detectives in Delhi. We, with an excellent team, are offering brilliant solutions.  

Corporate Investigation 

This has become very important for employers. In Delhi and Gurgaon, every year a huge crowd of youth come to find professional jobs. Delhi NCR is a hub of industries and IT Companies. But how will the corporate verify that the information provided is real or wrong? To resolve this problem, many companies contact us for the Employee Investigation Service. In this, detective agency in Gurgaon collect all raw information embedded to concern candidates, including education, native place, past companies where he worked, salary in the previous company, behavior, and experience, etc. 

Post Matrimonial Investigation

The frequency of this type of cases is increasing in Delhi and Noida. In the rural region, usually the family fixes their kids’ marriage. Everybody keeps going in his relationship and finds a suitable pair for marriage. But in the large cities, everyone is busy in his bustling lifestyle like jobs, traveling and luxury atmosphere. If there are any doubts between your wife and you, then you should contact the Private Detective Agency in Delhi. When anybody comes with such a case, we first talk to them separately.  

In a short

For the residents of Delhi NCR, Country Wide Detective delivers wise range investigation services. For getting our service, you just need to call us or send an inquiry through our website. Our team will pick your call and they will ask some questions regarding problems. We hear your problem very carefully and try to solve it through communication. We have a very good network of private detectives. The fees depend on how difficult the case is. Where to go to investigate? Despite all these, Private Detective Service Provider in Gurgaon offers a reasonable investigation service.